Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi

Kaiseki 懐石

About Kaiseki(懐石)

Japanese cuisine is often described with the words "to enjoy gastronomy with all five senses", a saying that is best illustrated by the "Kaiseki" cuisine. Kaiseki is a dining style that evolved together with the “Chanoyu” tea ceremony tradition, and in that, developed a consecrated ritual of fine rules, bringing epic drama to the table. At Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi, we present our Kaiseki cuisine with a modern essence, always bringing the finest seasonal Japanese ingredients.
It is our pleasure to endeavor in presenting our customers with a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy gastronomy at its finest.

Maetomo Akihiro
前友 章宏

Born in 1981 from Hiroshima prefecture, Chef Maetomo started his career working in various prestigious restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka where he won numerous Michelin Awards. In 2010, he moved to Singapore to continue his culinary journey by offering refined and beautiful Japanese cuisine using finest seasonal ingredients while working with various restaurants and events. In 2012, Chef Maetomo was appointed as the VIP’s Head Chef to represent Singapore’s F1 Grand Prix.

After 9 years, in March 2019, he opened his own restaurant “Maetomo Japanese cuisine (Kaiseki & Sushi)” in Sheraton Towers Hotel, creating beautiful state of the art dishes while retaining the delicate spirit of Japanese cuisine. He is recognized as one of the 87/143 world goodwill ambassadors of Japanese cuisine by the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan.