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The Ladies Cue
“Reimagining Washoku With An Innovative And Modern Twist – Maetomo Japanese Cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi“
by Lindy Wong, Features Writer

Singapore Tatler
“Where to Eat in Singapore This Week: Mo Bar, Buona Terra, Maetomo Japanese Cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi and More“
by Amanda Goh, Writer

Savour Black Book Asia
“Shortlisted to be in contention for SavourBlackBookAsia Magazine’s highly prized, Top Restaurant Of The Year and Best Restaurant Service Award 2021, Maetomo Japanese Cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi is drawing gourmets back to Sheraton Towers Singapore.”
by Gabriel Tan, Editor-in-Chief & Cory Seow, Features Writer

Esquire Singapore
"It’s not clickbait to say this Kaiseki restaurant is different from the rest"
by Joy Ling, Lifestyle Editor

hazeldiary (Hazel)
“[SG EATS] Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi At Sheraton Towers Hotel – Omakase Dining That Transport You Back To Japan”

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